What's your

What's your

Above Tram on College Street en route to Moore Park, Sydney. Steve Terrill

We are seeking visionaries, inventors and dreamers for a better future. How do you think the future might look?

We’re asking Australians to choose objects from the places they love and tell stories about the environmental changes happening there.

Use an object as a prompt to tell us a personal story. Write it like a diary entry. You could tell others what’s changing, why it’s changing, and how you feel about it. Describe your place for someone who hasn’t been there. You could say why your object and place are important to you. You could reflect on the past and imagine what the future might bring.

Stories could also include positive steps to enrich environments: wetland restoration, community solar projects, urban food gardens, farmland regeneration.

We accept contributions in many different formats. Make a video if you prefer. Read the full guidelines here.

Your stories let others know that we face these challenges together.

If you have a story you want to contribute, or suggestions for stories we should tell, please let us know about your idea with the form below.

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